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Senior Citizen

MAY 2006 Newsletter


by Cindy Chesmore 






Blood Pressure Clinic, 2nd Wednesday 11:00 – noon

Lunch at noon 2nd Wednesday - $1.50

Lunches, Tuesdays and Thursdays noon $2.00

Breakfast, Wednesdays 9:00 - 10:00 $1.50

Art Class, Wednesdays 10:30 free

Craft class, second Wednesdays 12:30  free

Exercise classes, Mondays at 9:30 $2.00



May be left at Senior Center Monday - Friday

Recycling center date:  MAY 13

Please keep in mind that regular water and juice bottles are not redeemable.

The proceeds are use to help fund our bus expenses.


Bus Schedule

Tuesdays - Mall Walk, Lunch, shopping

Wednesdays - Breakfasts and Day Trips

Thursdays - Mall Walk, Lunch, grocery shopping

Suggested donation: 50 cents for Senior Center events, $1 in town, $2.00 out of town, trips as announced.

Discount tickets are available at the Senior Center and on the bus; buy five and get one free.





Thank you to the Hopkinton High School National Honor Society for hosting a delightful tea for our senior citizens.  It was well attended and enjoyed by all.


Thank you to all who worked for, and or donated to, the last yard sale.  The final tally is $1,178.00.  As usual, this money is used to fund our bus.  We wouldn’t be able to provide the bus service without everyone’s generosity.



The Golden Tea is presented by the Council on Aging to honor our Hopkinton residents who are 85 years of age or more.  We get out the fine china and decorate the Center to help make this a special tribute.  Invitations are sent out; however, not everyone who is qualified to attend is registered in the Town Census.  If you or anyone you know does not receive an invitation, please let the Senior Center know.  The Tea will be held on Wednesday, May 17 at 2:00 p.m. in the Senior Center.  Transportation is provided.



The Hopkinton Lions Club will host the spring spaghetti dinner on Wednesday, May 10 at 6:00 p.m. at the Senior Center.  As always this is a FREE dinner.  Seating is limited, so sign up early.  We are truly blessed to have our Lions Club in our community.  They provide more than the spaghetti dinners for us.  They are the ones who provide the “Talking Radios” that the Center lends out to those with poor eyesight.  The radios provide special programs that read current news articles and such.  If you are interested in one of the radios, please contact the Senior Center.  The Lions Club will also pay for eye glasses for those who cannot afford them.  Three cheers for their good work!



The Southboro Rod and Gun Club will host the Hopkinton senior citizens annual spring roast pork dinner, at their club, on Saturday, May 20 at 4:00 p.m.  Always spectacular, this is a meal not to be missed!  And it’s FREE!  The club members are so enthusiastic and welcoming.  Seating is limited, so don’t wait to sign up – contact the Senior Center for your reservation.  Our bus will be available for transportation.



Dr. Cooper will hold the podiatry clinic on Monday, May 22 at the Senior Center.  The cost is $25.00.  Contact the Senior Center to make your appointment.



The Blood Pressure Clinic is held on the second Wednesday of each month: next date: MAY 10 – from 11:00 – 12:00.  This is very important and it is free!!!



Due to the spaghetti dinner being held this night, no lunch will be served.



Margaret Harding will present craft classes on Wednesday, May 10, 12:30 at the Senior Center.  Margaret always has the cleverest ideas.  It’s a fun afternoon, give it a try!  All materials are provided. Register by contacting the Senior Center.



The Westborough Health Care Center will be hosting a Stress Management program at our Senior Center on Thursday, May 18 at 12:30.  We all have lots to learn about this.  Plus, they provide a nice dessert for us!  Please contact the Senior Center to sign up.



The building is coming along very nicely.  It is a beauty and something Hopkinton can be very proud of.  We are in the mist of raising funds to furnish the building and this is no easy task.  We will need somewhere in the vicinity of $80,000 or more.  We will be using whatever we have that is suitable from the current center, getting used computers and purchasing second hand items where appropriate.  We cannot go that route in furnishing the “great room”.  This will be where most of the funds will be going.  We need 240 plus chairs and approximately 25 tables; the cost for good quality is high – the cost for very good quality is unrealistic for us.  We are doing our research and promise to spend all funds wisely. 

We have been very fortunate to receive donations, grants and gifts totaling approximately $40,000 so far.  These have been received from the Hopkinton Women’s Club, Polyarts Committee, Crossroads Foundation, Executive Office of Elder Affairs Incentive Grant,

Framingham Union Aid Association, the family of Jeannette Ellsworth, Angelo Colella Memorial Fund, and some businesses who wish to remain anonymous.  The current funds have been earmarked for the food pantry, thrift shop, library/game room, kitchen staples, wellness room, and outdoor flag area.  Still to be tackled are the “great room”, activities room, lobby, conference room, daily dinning room, offices, computer class room, janitorial equipment, window shades and treatments, high volume photocopier, etc.




The monthly pizza and bingo party will be held on Friday, May 26 at noon in the Senior Center.  The cost is $3.00.  Great fun, great prizes, a great day!  Please contact the Senior Center to sign up.




The Hopkinton Police and Fire Departments are very good about working with us at the Senior Center when emergencies arise.  It is helpful for emergency responders to have knowledge, before hand, about those who may need special attention during a crisis. 

Emergency response forms ask pertinent questions such as: do you use an oxygen tank, are you confined to a wheelchair, do you have severe dementia, etc.  Forms are available at the Senior Center and all information is kept confidential. 

Also, Alzheimer’s Alert forms are available.  Along with pertinent information a photo of the person is affixed to the form.  The forms are kept at the Police Station. 

Both these forms can be mailed to you if you wish.  Just let us know.

While we are on the subject, it is also recommended that contact information be made available to our drivers when using our bus service.  All of this is requested for the good of people we serve.  Unfortunately, it is not unusual for us to need this information.



The Hopkinton Police Department runs the R.U.O.K. program.  This is a free computerized telephone call to your home at a set time.  If there is no response help is sent.  This is a free program and can help offer piece of mind for both you and your families.  The Police Department is happy to assist our seniors, so don’t hesitate to call.


Bus Outings


May 3

Wrentham Outlets

Leave at 10:00; bus $2: on your own for lunch


May 7 (Sunday)

Orpheum Theater "42nd Street" musical

Leave at 1:00, $20; money due now


May 10

Willard House and Clock Museum tour; lunch at Post Office Pub

Leave at 10:00; $8 + the cost of lunch


May 17 Golden Tea


May 24

Charles Riverboat Co. & Cheesecake Factory Cruise & lunch Pkg.

Leave at 10:00; $35


May 31

Cherry Blossom Restaurant and Christmas Tree Shoppe

Leave at 11:00; $10.50


June 7

Castle Island & Fort Independence, Boston

Leave at 10:00; $5; bring your lunch


June 14

Newport Playhouse "Lie, Cheat and Genuflect" with buffet

Leave at 10:00; $48 ($ due May 15)


Sign up at the Senior Center or call Sally at (508) 435-5530

Please let us know what you would like to do.




October 6, 2006 – Discover Sedona – 7 days

Highlights: Scottsdale, Pinnacle Peak Patio, Verde Canyon RR, Trolley Tour, Grand Canyon RR, Black’s Barts Saloon

Cost:  $1,599 per person double occupancy


April 12, 2007 – EXPLORING GREECE AND ITS ISLANDS; featuring Mykonos, Santorini and Classical Greece.  Highlights; Athens, Taverna Dinner Show, The Acropolis, Mykonos, Santorini, Winery Tour, Meteora, Kalambaka, Thermopylae, Delphi, Arachova, Olympia, Mycenae, Epidauros and Nauplion.  15 days, cost $3,359 pp double occupancy.


For more information please call Pauline Knorr at 508-435-4621, 18 Hillcrest Dr.,

Hopkinton, MA  01748.  Brochures are available at the Senior Center.


 Last Chance for Part D!

If you haven’t chosen a Medicare Part D drug plan AND you have no other drug coverage, you MUST choose a plan by May 15.  If not, you will not be able to join a plan until 2007.  And, unless the law is changed, you will have to pay a late-enrollment surcharge on your premium every month thereafter.

 The best place to get information on the different Part D plans is on the web at  For information by phone, call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227).  Please have at hand a list of your drugs and their dosages. You will also need information about any health insurance you have.

 You can enroll over the internet right up to the last day.  If you need help with your choice or your application, it may be hard to get the help you need if you wait for the last minute.

 Some pharmacies are offering help to seniors in choosing a plan.  Just be sure you understand whether the person helping you is comparing all the plans available or just those offered by one or two companies.

 MassMedline, a service of the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, is also available to help.  Call 1-866-633-1617.

 SHINE (Serving the Health Information Needs of Elders) offers free, confidential, health insurance counseling.  To reach a SHINE counselor by telephone, you may call the Hopkinton Senior Center where Sally Almy and Amy Kent are our SHINE counselors or call 1-800-243-4636 and press or say 2.  Leave a message with your name, telephone number, and a brief description of your questions.  A counselor will call you back.



Outreach Update

Dandelions – First Flower

By Mary McLeod


“If dandelions were rare and fragile, people would knock themselves out to pay $l4.95 a plant, raise them by hand in greenhouses, and form dandelion societies and all that.”


By Robert Fulghum from All I Really Need To Know I learned In Kindergarten


Early spring, when I see dandelions growing in my yard, they bring back memories of another time in my life when I was very little.  Who remembers buttercups?  How many picked the delightful yellow flowers and presented them to someone special?  As a Grandmother, I have received many bouquets of dandelions, buttercups and violets all picked and held in tiny little hands.  The presenter would help me put them in a small glass of water and place them on the kitchen table.  After the children left, I would glance at the lovely bouquet for several days and smile.  I kept the warm memory in my heart.  To me the first flower should be the dandelion!  Happy Mother’s day.


“Senior Upbeat” – Mondays and Wednesdays, 7 p.m. and Wednesday mornings at 11 a.m.

Yes, we are into repeats!


First two weeks:              Brian Haggerty/Meat Manager from Colella’s Supermarket

                                         Judy Ryan – The Gifted Hand

                                         Mary Howard from Sunnyside Florist

                                         Tony Colson from Hopkinton Drug Store

Second two weeks:          Marlene Troupes “In The Kitchen”

                                         Two Cats Antiques with Betty Murdock

                                         Sunnyside Florist with Bob Hemmer

                                         The Library with Rownak Hussain   


Answer to the riddle I gave you last month:  Yesterday, today and tomorrow.  I bet you got it!


Beautiful Custard Pie from “Cooking Down East” by Marjorie Standish

1 egg white, beaten stiff                           Beat the egg yolk and 2 lg. or 3 med. eggs slightly

½ cup sugar                                              Add to beaten white mixture

¼ teaspoon salt                                         Add 2 l/2 cups warmed milk

¼ teaspoon nutmeg

1  teaspoon vanilla

Beat these into egg white


Pour into unbaked 9-inch pastry shell and place in  450-degree oven. Reset the control to 425 degrees and bake 30 minutes.  Note:  There will be a place in the center not “set,” but it will cook after it is placed on a cooling rack.


Memorial Day – a time of reflection and gratefulness for all who have and are serving in the military.  God Bless America!




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