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Reprinted from HopNews.com:

Calling all Angels

Above, Dale Doherty of Angel's Garden Center decorates a wreath from scratch to replace the one just sold, to fill in the empty spot on the wall.


"The competition is getting closer to Hopkinton," said Dale Doherty, a principal of Angel's Garden Center on West Main Street. "An ice cream store selling Christmas trees? A gas station?" she asked rhetorically.

     "It cuts into our business, so we have to be sure to keep our quality at a high level. Our customers have come to expect that from us.

     "We are selling more of the West Coast greenery than ever before, because it's lasting quality for the homeowner.

     "It's a short season [Holidays] so we want to make sure that person comes back the next year and says, 'We really like what you sold us last year. It really lasted.'"

     "We make everything custom, with different ribbons each year," Mrs. Doherty said," so that everyone's wreaths do not look like everyone else's."

      "The trees and wreaths at the gas stations are from Canada. The wreaths were tipped [cut from tips of branches] last August. They are dry and the needles are falling off already.

      "The Frasier fir is our favorite. It is a more expensive tree than a balsam. But we get them from the West Coast, which are cut more recently, making sure our customers have a wreath or a tree that lasts throughout the holidays." [Angel's Garden Center is at the intersection of West Main & School].

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